Case DC

casedc4.jpg (33712 bytes)

Spec-Cast DC4 (DC with standard front end)

dc4old.jpg (30575 bytes)

1939 DC4

dc4new.jpg (18472 bytes)

late 40s DC4

dc3.jpg (23984 bytes)

late 40s - 51 DC3
all taken at Charles City, IA

dcs.jpg (33948 bytes)

1952 DCS Sugar Cane Special

The DC Case was introduced in 1939 as a replacement for the CC.  The first DCs were CCs that were brought back into the factory and re-sheetmetaled and re-serial numbered as DCs.  The 1939-1940 featured new flambeau red paint and new styling but really were just a CC tractor.  Through the years, the DC received many improvements, which kept the tractor competive until 1954. 1941 saw longer axles with clamp on wheels for easier tread adjustment, a change to left hand clutch, different operator platform, disc brakes, new seat, and many other changes.  In 1949, hydraulic lift replaced the mechanical motor lift. The Eagle Hitch was added to the DC in 1952, along with live power, and both brakes on the right side.  A foot clutch replaced the hand clutch in 1953.

The DC was rated as a three plow tractor and was joined by the two-plow SC, the VAC, and the wheatland LA through the 1940s and 1950s.

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