Allis Chalmers WD and WD-45

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Plastic WD

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Late model WD-45 at Marshalltown, IA

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WD-45 Diesel at Marshalltown, IA

The original WD was produced from 1946-1953 as a gasoline or distillate engine.  The tractor replaced the WC, which was in the lineup since 1933.  The WD had both a hand clutch and a foot clutch, allowing you to have "live" PTO and hydraulics, which was very handy for the AC rotor baler and combine.  The original WD was test number 440 at Nebraska and the 201 ci Allis gas engine produced 34.63 hp.+

The WD was replaced by the WD-45 in 1953.  The new tractor was available for four different fuels - distillate, gasoline, diesel, and LPG.  The 45 had 9 more hp than the WD.  The diesel engine was a 6 cylinder Buda engine.  The tractor also introduced the snap coupler system which was Allis's answer to the Ferguson 3 point hitch.

Innovations for the WD and WD-45 were the traction booster draft control, power adjust rear wheels, live power, live hydraulics, snap coupler, and safety highway lighting.

The tractor was replaced by the D17 in 1957.

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